Learn from the Beatles: Business Lessons from the Beatles to You.

The Rules Have Changed Again …

In just one decade, salespeople went from selling real estate at record-high prices to rock-bottom lows. The fact is that the strategies used at the top simply will not work at the bottom. In an ever-changing marketplace, sales professionals are in danger of losing sales and alienating potential buyers with untimely terminology and inapt information.

This book will show you how to survive and thrive among the tremendous change affecting sales professionals. Understand how changes in the economy affect consumers’ mindsets and buying behavior, and how you can adapt to those changes in order to maximize your profits, even at the market’s lowest point.

Broken into three sections, the top, middle, and bottom, this book will take you on a journey to closing more sales and earning more money. Gain fool-proof strategies for identifying where the market is, addressing customers’ desires and concerns, and closing more sales at any stage of the market.